Rohnert Park-Cotati
Children’s Chorus


“Opera-tune-ity!” is part of the nonprofit Rohnert Park Cotati-Children’s Chorus (RPCCC) whose mission is “To expand and nurture our community through the beauty and creativity of inspiring music.” This special opera outreach program is committed to bringing opera into the community and fostering a love of the art form in a younger generation.

“Opera-tune-ity!” can be tailored to fit an audience of any age, and features 2-4 professional opera singers, and live piano accompaniment. We have performed across the North Bay at numerous schools, churches, and community events – with every performance of the highest quality musicianship.

To see and hear some of our singing, please visit: and

If you would like to schedule a performance, have any questions, or would like any additional information about “Opera-tune-ity!” please feel free to contact the Musical Director, Larissa Lorenz.

Each performance is uniquely tailored for its audience, but below is a sample of what a typical school assembly performance is like:


  • Q&A: What is opera? When do you hear opera? What kind of singers are there? (discussing answers and having a brief, open dialogue about them)

Group activity

  • Group vocal warm ups: warming up our voices together and sharing that opera singers aren’t that serious and can be silly too!


  • Singing arias and scenes. Prior to each piece we have a brief dialogue (which may include discussion of composers, the plot, emotions, language and what to listen for in the music)

Coming to an end

  • Ending with everyone learning how to bow at the end of a performance


Thank you for the wonderful assembly! All the teachers and students loved it! You are all great presenters! I learned a lot about opera that I didn't know before. I hope other schools are lucky enough to book Opera-tune-ity for an assembly.
Staff Teacher at Thomas Page Elementary, June 2016